Why Investment Matters:
The Political Economy of International Investments

Jointly published by Madhyam Books, India; FERN, UK/Belgium; CRBM,
Italy; and The Corner House, UK
Year of Publication: 2007

Investment matters. The millions of dollars that are moved around the world every minute of day profoundly affect who gets to eat and who doesn’t; who has a job and who doesn’t; and who accumulates wealth and at whose expense. Influencing investment decisions requires an understanding how investment works. Kavaljit Singh explains the central role of transnational corporations (TNCs) and other key players in determining investment patterns. He debunks some of the myths surrounding investment flows, and he suggests ways in which investment can be brought back under the democratic control of people and governments.

Using case-studies, statistical data and cogent analysis and written in an accessible language and style, it makes a critical appraisal of contemporary investment issues as it maps investment flows, trends and regulatory frameworks. Kavaljit Singh shows where citizens can work – and are working – to reclaim investment for the public good.

“Change will not come about through individuals acting alone but in concert. By informing the public of the issues – and
through identifying areas where policies and practices can and should be changed – this book will
greatly increase the effectiveness of such collective action.”
Saskia Ozinga, FERN
“If investment is to contribute to the public good, then it is critical that the public have the means to define that good;
to frame the policies and laws that would channel investment in support of that good; and to hold investors
to account where their actions undermine that good. This book provides an essential primer.”
Nicholas Hildyard, The Corner House
“The time has come for campaigners and civil society to look behind the curtains of international institutions and national governments and see who are the real drivers of the global investment agenda. Kavaljit Singh helps enormously in this crucial exercise by clearly showing how investment is the Achille’s heel of the neoliberal globalization agenda.”
Antonio Tricarico, CRBM

Podcast with Kavaljit Singh on his book – Why Investment Matters
May 4, 2007
Listen to Podcast
In this 16 minute audio recording, Kavaljit Singh speaks about his book – Why Investment Matters: The Political Economy of International Investments. He explains his motivation for writing this book and recommends strategies to bring transnational corporations under the democratic control of people and governments.