Madhyam is an independent and non-profit organization based in New Delhi. Our mission is to conduct high-quality research, stimulate democratic debate on important issues affecting people’s lives and generate innovative solutions to today’s – and tomorrow’s – challenges.

An informed debate backed by research, empirical evidence and popular education is very important to bring awareness and leverage democratic space for promoting alternatives through the active support of a vibrant civil society.

We are committed to promote
critical thinking and stimulate
informed debate on
public policy issues

At Madhyam, we are committed to promote critical thinking, stimulate informed debate on policy issues and disseminate research findings in timely and accessible ways.

With a special focus on macroeconomic policy, Madhyam aims to deepen understanding of finance, trade and investments issues, to examine the repercussions of decisions taken by public and private institutions, and to explore the necessary macroeconomic policies required in order to promote a sustainable and egalitarian path to future development.

We communicate our research findings to a wider community – policymakers, social movements, private sector, media and the public at large – through briefing papers, policy briefs, fact sheets, op-eds, commentaries, citizens’ guides and books. Madhyam pays special attention to public education activities in order to generate greater awareness and interest among the general public.

Madhyam grew out of an earlier research initiative – Public Interest Research Centre – to specifically address public policy issues at the national and international levels. Since its inception, Madhyam has addressed a spectrum of issues of national and international significance and promoted collaborative research networks and partnerships with multiple stakeholders.

We pride ourselves on the
independence of our
research work

We regularly organize workshops, conferences, training programs and outreach events for diverse audiences in India and abroad.

To advance our research, public education and policy goals, Madhyam often collaborate with a range of stakeholders including civil society groups, academia, think-tanks, universities, experts and development practitioners. Madhyam welcomes the engagement with stakeholders across a wide range of issues.

We pride ourselves on the independence of our research work.

We value your feedback, comments and recommendations. For further information, please contact us by email.


  • Madhu Dandavate– Madhu Dandavate, Former Finance Minister of India

    Madhyam provides fresh ideas and thinking on solving current economic problems. Their publications are easy to read and very informative. I highly recommend them.

  • Dr. C. T. Kurien– Dr. C. T. Kurien, Eminent Economist and Former Director, Madras Institute of Development Studies

    Madhyam has been doing an exceptionally useful service by bringing to the notice of readers the implications of the global financial regime and warning them about the dangers ahead. I have found their publications very helpful and wish them all the best in the years ahead.

  • Dr. Y. V. Reddy– Dr. Y. V. Reddy, Governor, Reserve Bank of India (2003-08)

    Fixing Global Finance is an outstanding contribution to the literature on global financial crisis. It is objective, sensitive, sensible, scholarly and yet eminently readable, with unique focus on developing countries. It should be a compulsory reading for policy makers and market participants.

  • B. L. Das– B. L. Das, Former Indian Ambassador to GATT

    I have been reading Madhyam research papers right from its start. I have found them deeply analytical, objective and topical. Consequently they are very useful in understanding the policy alternatives and evaluating their relative merits. Madhyam has been providing a very useful service to the policy makers and analysts in the area of finance.

  • Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat– Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat, Former Chief of the Naval Staff of India

    I have known Madhyam for over a decade and commend its reports and publications for objectivity. The integrity of their writings and analysis at a time when the tide was running at full force to smoke screen deregulation and privatisation of the planet's resources and public utilities at great cost to the larger public interest is noteworthy.

  • Dr. Samir Amin– Dr. Samir Amin, Renowned Political Economist and Thinker

    Madhyam provides important analysis and new approaches to understand the contemporary neo-liberal globalized capitalism.